This Java library supports parsing and generation of comma separated value (csv) data as defined in RFC 4180.

The format is a simple line based text format for table data. Many databases or spreadsheet software like MS-Excel can interchange data in this format. Each line is a row of the table, the column values are separated by a comma (or an other character). If the separator character is part of a column value, the value has to be quoted double.

The library offers reader and writer support, but also a basic parser and generator to split or create a line. Using
diergo utils you can also map the values to or from bean properties or other data holders.

The project is hosted on
Kenai, the source on berliOS. The current version is 2.1 based on diergo utils 1.5 and up. The library is distributed under Creative Commons licence. You may get it from the download area.